Features of Instant Blog Script

Here you can see what kind of post contents you can add by Instant Blog Script. This is an image post. But you can add unlimited content parts below. All posts creates Facebook Instant Article Pages and Google AMP pages too.

2020-09-17 11:22:19 - Admin Name

This is a heading. You can add unlimited Headings to your post.

This area written by simple text field. Its easy way to add text blocks to your post body. You can also add images above this input and you can write description of it.

This text block written by Text Editor. The advantage of text editor is you can write styled text. For example :

This is Bold text. 

This is Bold Italic text. 

This is underlined text. 

code-block here

Colorful text you can write

Text background color

blockquote here

An Unordered List: 

An Ordered List:

  1. First item 
  2. Second item
  3. Third item

You can add links :

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Add images inside of your posts with "Add Image" button :

Add Youtube vidoes with its URL, use "Add YouTube Video" button :

Add Tweets with its URL, use "Add Tweet" button :

Add Facebook Post with its URL, use "Add Facebook Post" button :

Add Instagram Post with its URL, use "Add Instagram Post" button :

Add Pinterest Post with its URL, use "Add Pinterest Post" button :

Add Tiktok Video with its URL, use "Add Tiktok " button :

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